Repertory Theatre of St. Louis: Director of Production

A word from Artistic Director, Hana S. Sharif

Artistic Director’s Note:


The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is committed to elevating and celebrating our shared humanity through transformational live theatre and programs that cultivate community.  The Rep is going through a significant season of evolution. This is a moment of intentional internal evaluation, expansion and reinvestment in the creation, access, and impact of our work.  We believe in dynamic, welcoming, bold, innovative art with exceptional production quality and craftsmanship. We believe diversity is a value in every sector of our theatre and center the idea of life-long learning off and on the stage. There has never been a better time to join The Rep family.  We are looking for a Director of Production that embraces these values and seeks to be a thought-leading voice as we build strong, sustainable, equitable processes to support exceptional artistry. I believe in the fundamental power of our artform to transform lives and community.  As Artistic Director, I welcome you to bring the whole of your ingenuity, your dreams, and your talents to the theatre.  Let’s craft the future of the American Theatre together.

-Hana S. Sharif


The Rep is the St. Louis region’s most honored live professional theatre company. Founded in 1966, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is a fully professional theatrical operation belonging to the League of Resident Theatres, The League of St. Louis Theatres and is a constituent member of Theatre Communications Group, Inc., the national service organization for the not-for-profit professional theatre.



The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is dedicated to excellence in producing an eclectic range of live theatre.



We value informative, entertaining, and challenging live professional theatre. The Rep seeks to present an array of theatrical styles and periods in our programming. We have a responsibility both to preserve our theatrical heritage, as well as to develop new works to add to this heritage. This theatre works to lead audiences without losing them. By its nature live theatre involves risk and we recognize the need to present programming which may provoke strong reactions, both positive and negative.

We value excellence in all we do. The Rep strives to produce theatre of the highest professional quality. We seek consistently superior quality in every aspect of our operations.

We value life-long education. The Rep provides substantial and varied opportunities for learning about the human experience through the art of theatre. All people connected to The Rep should consider themselves to be invested in an educational process which is reflected in all programs of the theatre.

We value a strong, vibrant arts community. The Rep is committed to playing a leadership role in the arts community and to expanding public awareness of the essential contribution the arts make to society.

We value diversity. The Rep strives to provide opportunities for diverse artistic expression, as well as diverse artists, staff and audience. Diversity is a wide-ranging value, encompassing but not limited to diversity in aesthetics, age, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, geography, race and sexual orientation.

We value the contribution of our artists and our staff. The Rep seeks to attract outstanding professionals to join our work. We support the concept of The Rep as an “artistic home” which engenders a sense of pride, involvement and mutual support among all who work here. This means that we must provide these individuals with the best possible working environment, compensation, benefits, and support, within the constraints of our available resources.

We value all who have a stake in our success. The Rep is committed to building and sustaining a vital connection among all its stakeholders: subscribers, audience, artists, staff, donors, volunteers, our Board, Webster University, the larger theatrical community, the arts community of the region, students, teachers and learners of all ages.

We value the long-term viability of our theatre. The Rep will maintain financial strength and stability as a means to achieve greater artistic freedom. We seek to build long-term human, physical and financial resources. We practice sound fiscal responsibility and strive for the financial growth that enhances our opportunities to expand our contribution to society.

Full-time Employee Benefits


Job Description:

Job Purpose

As a member of the leadership team, contribute to the strategic planning and future direction of the theater. Facilitate communication among all departments including regular consultation with the Artistic Director, Managing Director, and department heads. Maintain and utilize a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field. Build respect and profile for the organization in its various constituencies. Support the overall field/movement in which the organization works. Establish and lead an effective production team. Recruit and retain a diverse staff. Be a key driver in building an inclusive workplace that fosters belonging. 


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead staff in maintaining a climate of excellence, accountability, and respect.

  • Lead by example, modeling values, behaviors and practices for organization.  Ensure a safe and supportive working environment.

  • Oversee the execution of all production requirements to support the Artistic Director’s vision of artistic excellence.

  • Ensure that the resources and support available to production departments are sufficient to achieve the artistic goals of the theater.

  • Facilitate timely communication among directors, designers, and production department heads as designs are produced while assessing resources, staffing, and scheduling restraints.  Work collaboratively with all stakeholders.

  • Establish, communicate, and manage the production schedule; coordinate rehearsals, strikes, and other events on stage.  Consult with all relevant stakeholders.

  • Develop and maintain annual production budgets.  Oversee all production related expenditures and establish methods of maintaining budget control.

  • Develop and refine long range operating budget and long range staffing plan.

  • Negotiate and coordinate with Directors of individual plays their production needs within established budget parameters.

  • Coordinate production facilities improvements and capital project management.

  • Foster positive labor relations; ensure compliance with IATSE, USA, AEA and AFM contracts, participate in collective bargaining negotiations.

  • Develop and foster positive working relationships with Webster Conservatory Faculty and Student population.

  • Develop and foster a positive working relationship with Opera Theatre of St. Louis.

  • Coordination of student casting and crew assignments.

  • Coordination of shared theatre and shop spaces with department heads.

  • Work with development and education departments on various events.

  • Coordination and oversite of The Rep's vehicles.

  • Establish positive relationships with board members and donors.

  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Aptitude for leading and cultivating teams with a multiplicity of perspectives. 

  • Background or training in cultural competencies, fostering and cultivating diverse teams of people.

  • Broad background in most areas of technical theater, including at least 5 years of managing a staff and production department for a large organization.

  • Knowledge of budget reporting systems and software to manage multi-million dollar budget.

  • Ability to evaluate staff and direct reports and set long term performance goals and objectives.

  • Knowledge of AEA, AFM and IATSE collective bargaining agreements.

  • Skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word) as well as various cloud based programs.

  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects and conflicting priorities to manage overlapping show schedules.

  • Creative problem solving ability to bridge limited financial and material resources with production designs within budget and schedule.

  • Ability to assimilate design information from two dimensions (drawings) into three-dimensional spatial relationships.

  • Strong flexibility and ability to easily adapt to change.

  • Strong commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

  • Experience, ability and commitment to working with diverse groups in terms of gender expression, race, sexual orientation, religion, ability, age, class and immigrant status.


Working Conditions

  • Must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.

  • This position requires regular use of the computer and telephone.  

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends as needed.  



Pay range: $75,000 - $82,000

Year round position

Relocation: $2,500

Health Insurance

Eligibility begins on the first day of the month following the start of employment.  Employees who choose the basic plan pay $40/month toward their premium (this amount may change when the policy year renews on July 1).  An optional plan is available at a higher premium, with the additional premium paid by the employee. 


Optional Dental and Vision Insurance

Eligibility begins on the first day of the month following the start of employment.  Premiums are 100% paid by the employee.


Enrollment of Dependents in Health, Dental and Vision plans

100% paid by the employee.


FSA Plan (Section 125 cafeteria plan)

Employees may contribute a self-selected amount on a pretax basis to fund eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses.  In accordance with IRS regulations, the amount contributed to the plan must be used within the plan year, except that $500 may be carried over to the subsequent plan year.


Employee Premiums for the above plans are pretax payroll deductions.



2 weeks in the first year of employment; 3 weeks in subsequent years.


403(b) Retirement Plan

Employees may contribute to the plan on a pretax basis, up to the maximum amount permitted by IRS regulations.  Employees are eligible for a match beginning in the third year of employment:

3% match in the third year

4% match in the fourth year

5% match in the fifth year and thereafter

4 complimentary tickets per show


Covid Statement


Like the rest of the world, The Rep has faced significant challenges as we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. We fundamentally believe the people are The Rep, so in the face of our doors closing in March of 2020, we paid out all of our staff and artists contracts for the season and worked with our board of directors to craft a plan that would allow us to support as much staff as possible over this unprecedented season. We pivoted our work to produce a wide range of digital and site-specific offerings, which we plan to integrate into our organization’s DNA, creating national access to The Rep’s work as we move into a post-COVID world. Lastly, our in-person protocols have already been approved by the relevant unions for our first production, which begins performances on May 27th and runs through July 11, 2021.

Rep Covid Plan