For too long we have heard "there just aren't any out there."
or, "we tried, but it just didn't work."

Production on Deck (PoD) began as a resource to consolidate the many tools used across the country to identify talent from marginalized communities and has grown into a full-fledged talent and consulting firm. Helmed by David ‘dstew’ Stewart, with partner Sarah Lozoff, and consultants Bear Bellinger, Kate Coltun, and Sheldon Lane, Production on Deck seeks to expand the traditional idea of the talent pipeline and increase pathways for marginalized communities to access jobs in theatrical production. With a focus on inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging, Production on Deck broadens the definition of “the best person for the job” to one that welcomes the whole of an individual into a room. Production on Deck has previously consulted for The Repertory Theatre of St Louis, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, among others.

Current Offering:

  • Amplification Service

    • This service enhances an organization’s ongoing search with a focus on reaching BIPOC candidates (although we welcome ALL to apply)

    • These services include up to six weeks of:

      • Consultation(s) with PoD partners

      • Review and revision (if necessary) of job description and/or previous postings

      • Exploration of personal networks and databases to make individual connections

      • Utilization of personal and PoD affiliated social media groups and pages 

      • Dedicated splash page on PoD website

      • Applications received via PoD website

      • Questions from applicants and potential candidates answered by PoD

      • Applications sifted by PoD in order to share viable candidates with the organization

Please note, in order for Production on Deck to amplify any searches, salary ranges must be a transparent part of the job description and all salaries must be above the MIT living wage indicator in your county.

Additionally, Production on Deck is currently collecting data to survey the impact of the pandemic regarding production talent. While it is known that the labor pool is not as deep as it once was, what is currently unknown is how shallow it has become. Thus, PoD amplification and networking services cannot ethically make any guarantees regarding applicants or candidates.